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Ultrafine Mill Difference Home And Abroad

  • Host: Ultrafine mill is the mainstream for grinding the fine powder. Its appearance solves the high cost problem of domestic super fine powder. It is an efficient ultrafine grinding machine. At first, our ultrafine mill is introduced from the developed countries. Many people want to know the difference of ultrafine mill at home and abroad. Today, we are honored to invite the grinder expert—Mr. Wang. Welcome him to take part in the interview!
  • Mr. Wang: Hello, everyone. I’m happy to take part in the interview. Hope you have a nice day!
  • Host: With the development of our science and technology, the application of ultrafine mill is wider and wider. Its function is also more and more vital. So can you relate it for us simply?
  • Mr. Wang: OK. Ultrafine mill can process many materials. It is suitable for grinding the kaolin, limestone, calcite, talc, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide red, clay, bentonite, coal and so on. Its application scope is much bigger. In China, most of the ultrafine mill’s dedusting efficiency can meet the national emission standards. Along with the economic development, in the future, it will have more use.
  • Host: As far as I know, in China, many people like to buy the foreign machines. So can you introduce the difference of ultrafine mill at home and abroad?
  • Mr. Wang: Of course. Development time of ultrafine grinding machine in our country is relatively short. Before, many manufacturers do not have the production experience of ultrafine mill. Now, a lot of mill production companies can produce the below 300 mesh products. But mill enterprise to produce the high fineness powder is less and less. On the development road, milling machine manufacturing enterprises do not increase the investment in science and technology, but blindly imitation. So our ultrafine mill is backward the foreign mill.
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  • Host: Facing this situation, how do we should? What advantages do we have?
  • Mr. Wang: Compared with foreign equipment, although the development of ultrafine mill in our country has a big gap in high fineness and high yield, our manufacturing cost is relatively low, and has better industrial base. Through the introduction of international advanced technology, our mill equipment can better access to domestic and foreign markets.
  • Host: OK. Thanks Mr. Wang for your introduction. Thanks to come the interview about the ultrafine mill difference at home and abroad.
  • Mr. Wang: You are welcome.

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