The wear parts of jaw crusher are very important for the normal work. So the wear reason of jaw crusher parts is our concern. Then, how to increase the use life of wear parts? Many users want to know it, and prolong its crusher’s service life. So today, I will try my best to give you a detailed introduction about the wear reasons of jaw crusher parts. Hope it will be useful for you!

The common wear parts of jaw crusher have the movable jaw, the fixed jaw, the jaw plate, toggle plate, the eccentric shaft, and the bearing. The following is the main wear reasons of jaw crusher.

The movable jaw of jaw crusher is the main component of crushing material. Therefore, the wear reasons of the movable jaw are mainly the friction material. Especially when the materials are blocked in the crushing cavity, and the materials extrudes the movable jaw, then, it will lead to fatigue wear of the movable jaw and even failure. On the other hand, in the production if the movable jaw has the displacement, movable jaw will collide with the guard plate, and accelerate the movable jaw wear.

The toggle plate material of jaw crusher is cast iron. The toggle plate base material is carbon steel. Their service life is very short. If in the production, there are the bulk materials to enter, it will make the toggle plate abrasion wear and fracture. In addition, the connection points between the toggle plate and gasket has two kinds type: the rolling type and the sliding type. In the actual application, the sliding type wear is more serious.

The wear of the eccentric shaft is often because the taper sleeve, a sealing sleeve has some structural defects. Or it is because of the contact area between conical sleeve and the eccentric shaft is not enough. Then, the eccentric shaft and cone sleeve hole are worn.

Wear Reason Of Belt Conveyor Parts

Belt conveyor is the main part of the conveying equipment. Belt conveyor’s service life mostly depends on the life of conveyor belt. In general, the cost of the belt conveyor is the 30% ~ 50% of the whole cost. Thus in the belt conveyor design, take corresponding measures to reduce the abrasion of the conveying belt, and extend belt life. It has a very practical significance on the normal operation of belt conveyor and reducing maintenance costs. Today, I will do a detailed introduction about the wear reasons and the preventive measures. Hope it will be useful for you!

Normal service life of belt conveyor depends on wear of belt conveyor. Conveyor belt damage mostly has the working surface wear and the edge wear. The former is mainly caused by the relative sliding of the conveyer belt and the material conveying. It is also related to the friction of conveyor components. Conveying belt edge wear is the main caused by the wear and friction of the conveyor edge and the frame under conveying belt deviation. When the deviation is serious, it is easy to cause the conveyor belt tearing, and rubber covering local peeling and scratch.

Through the analysis of the wear reason of the conveyor belt, in the design of the belt conveyor, we can take corresponding preventive measures, in order to extend belt life. First, we must reasonably select the conveyer belt. The choice of the belt needs to consider many factors. The choice of the belt should focus on the following three aspects: morphology and structure of conveying belt, the belt core material, structure selection, the choice of covering layer.

Second, reduce conveyor parts on the conveyor belt wear. Conveyor parts basic are standard equipment. We should select the specializing belt conveyor manufacturers. The wear parts that are easy to cause the conveyor belt wear should adjust to reduce wear and tear in the installation, and pay more attention to patrol. Then, the feeding device structure should be optimized. The feeding device task is to ensure that it will transport the material loading on the belt conveyor. The service life of the conveyer belt is largely associated with the structure of the feeding device.

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