Impact Crusher Parts

Impact crusher is the common crushing machine. The wear parts are the most important parts for crushing the materials. But they are also the most serious to be worn. If we know the wear reasons of impact crusher parts, we can reduce or avoid the wear. So today, I will make a detailed introduction about the wear reasons. Hope it will help you.

The hammer is the key part for impact crusher. It is related with the service life of impact crusher. So what about the wear reasons of the hammer? First, the material is improper. The wear resistance of the hammer is related with the hardness and toughness of materials. It needs the hardness and toughness to cooperate with each other. At present, the high manganese steel is the commonly used materials for the hammer. If the hammer grinding surface has not been enough stress, it must have not the high wear resistance.

Second, the actual working conditions will affect the hammer wear. If the hammer is not formed effective work in the hardened layer, hardness properties of the hammer is not up to the required standard normal work. So the hammer is not wear-resisting, life is greatly lower than life expectancy during design. Third, hammer directly contact with the materials. In the crushing operation, only a few materials can block into the combat zone. While most of the materials, especially the bulk materials, only the end of the strike zone, thus causing material and the hammer head sliding friction. And back bonding powder on the board will make the friction is more serious, which caused the rapid wear.

In addition, the operation is also important for the hammer service life. If the crushing material is too big, and excess the specified size, it will wear the hammer and the impact plate. Except for the hammer, the impact plate is also another vital crushing part. The influence factors of hammer are also the same with the impact crusher. So in the production, we should pay attention to the above factors. They all are the wear reasons of impact crusher wearing parts.

Wear Reason Of Crushing Machine

The crushing machine is the most important equipment. The parts wear is unavoidable. The crushing machine is no exception. How to reduce the parts wear? What are the wear reasons of crushing machine? How about the prevention measures? These are our concern. So today, let’s together discuss these issues. The following is the several wear reasons and prevention measures of crushing machine. Hope it will help you!

Control the coarse crushing granularity and shim phenomenon. The coarse crushing general chooses jaw crusher or cone crusher. For the common ores, it needs to be crushed. But the material granularity can’t exceed the size requirement of the machine. In order to effectively control the size, we can install a lattice screen at the entrance of the machine. If we control the particle size, it will reduce the bearing capacity of crusher, and effectively reduce the machine wear.

Increase the buffer chamber and material transport channel slope. The influence factors of friction coefficient general are: the nature of the material, temperature and velocity, load, vibration and smoothness. Among them, we can change is the material and loading. As long as we change the buffer silo or material transport channel slope, we can reduce the friction force. So it can reduce the wear of metal wall, and increase the service life. But it must be reformed if conditions permit.

In the metal wall material to pass through, nail a layer of polyurethane board to increase the service life of the metal wall. In addition to increased steel hardness, we can nail a layer of polyurethane protective plate in the warehouse wall. According to the specialty conclusion, hardness has a great effect on the friction coefficient of polyurethane elastomer. In general, the hardness is lower, and the friction coefficient is high. The surface is much smoother, and the friction is less. The iron ore has the high hardness, and polyurethane surface is smooth and elastic. This can reduce the damage of the effective protection of the buffer silo wall. In our daily industry, we use the vibrating feeder. It is also helpful for reducing the wear of crushing machine.

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